This should be a quick recap of Apple’s April event. Overall, it was a typical hardware announcement event. I was impressed with how many colors they added to the new iMac. The interesting fact that the M1 processor remained the M1 and didn’t increment yet for the iMac means we will be waiting for M2 with the Pro devices.

Speaking of Pro, the iPad Pro update was simultaneously bland yet the most interesting read after the fact. Hardware-wise, it is the same look. Inside though, adding an M1 chip, Thunderbolt, AND up to 16gb of ram. This didn’t hit me at first, but in my opinion, WWDC is going to bring MAJOR iPadOS changes. Typically, Apple bumps iPad hardware in the spring and matches the OS in the summer. Everything is adding up for this year to bring some sort of new windows manager for external displays. These iPads are getting too powerful not to have more productivity options. At the time of writing, I would love to trade in a MacBook Air to get an iPad Pro with a caveat. It would have to either virtualize macOS and output it to a monitor while docked, or it would have to have a desktop like windows manager. I would wager on the latter, and I believe it will be coming as a preview for WWDC. This could really be a game-changing device for portability and productivity. Fingers crossed on this.

Finally, the other minor things that were announced were AirTags and Apple TV. AirTags, simple, find your stuff. It’s a tile. The Apple TV also got nice improvements, processor bump, and a new remote. All good updates, took too long, but good. Out of all the announcements, this is what I will be picking up.