Welcome to the Bills io FAQ. Here you will find an ever growing resource to assist in the use of the app. More content will be added as it is created.

Last updated: December 28, 2021


Bills io is a finance planning app focused on two core concepts, “how much am I spending per month?” & “from which account am I paying each bill?”. Bills io was created to answer both of those questions. The app’s structure is important to displaying this relevant information.


There are 3 main organization types in the premium version:

  • Collections

    • Completely separate sets of “collections” of bills
    • One bill can only be in a single collection at one time
    • Collections filter out visible bills from all other categories
    • Examples:
      • A Personal collection for subscriptions
      • A Business collection for tracking business expenses that recur
      • A Household collection for rent, electric, etc.
  • Accounts

    • Categorizes how bills are paid
    • Accounts can span across collections, meaning your bank account can pay for bills in two different collections
    • Navigating into an account allows you to see how much monthly is spent for each account. This gives insight to planning how much your bank account needs for monthly bills as well as seeing how much money is put on a credit card for subscriptions.
    • Examples:
      • Your personal bank, Chase Bank
      • A credit card, Apple Card, for paying for subscriptions
  • Tags

    • User categorization of bills
    • Allows users to set their own categories and tag bills accordingly
    • Tags can also span collections
    • Examples:
      • Tagging bills as a Subscription to see all recurring subscription costs per month
      • Tagging bills as a Credit to see all short term loans
      • Tagging bills with Check to prepare for any snail mail bills that need an actual check written for