Ongoing list of updates and changes to Bills io. If you have a feature request or see a bug, please report it to our GitHub Issue Board.

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v2.1.1 - Saying hi to macOS


  • 🪟 Bills io is now written for the Mac with native macOS window management
  • 📝 Payment note copying
  • 🧑‍💻 Markdown support in Payment notes
  • 🧮 Testing calculated costs for bills without a specific amount
  • 👆 New swipe actions throughout the app
  • 🗑 Archived bills are now more distinguished from active bills
  • 💸 Future payments now have a dedicated overview feature

v2.0.0 - Data Layer Rewrite

This update includes a complete Data syncing update to bring live refreshing data across all views. Future versions will use this for better multi-window support on macOS and iPadOS. The app has also been fully translated into Spanish and includes support for local currency display. Filtering is improved with additional filters to better break down lists of Bills.

A lot of stuff “under the hood”, but necessary for upcoming changes.


  • iPad Multi-Window Support
  • Archiving and restoring (Your “deleted bills are here”)
  • Payment detail viewing
  • Refreshed Overview Tab on iOS
  • Tappable filters for each Overview section
  • Background notification refreshing
  • Localization support with a full Spanish translated version


  • Data syncing and management refresh
  • Simplified user interface
  • Dedicated sidebar for iPad

v1.2.1 - Bug Fixes

  • Minor UI tweaks and fixes

v1.2.0 - UI Updates

Premium Only:

  • Change the alert time to any time
  • Larger more apparent note ui
  • Quick switch collections inside bills list


  • Relocates Create Bill, Pay, and Open in Safari
  • See next upcoming bills in Overview
  • Create new bill look and feel
  • Tap to toggle “Every day, month, etc” when scheduling
  • New Scheduling summary in plain english
  • Revises bill details page
  • Schedule bill dates to repeat on the last day of the month


  • Notification on close for macOS

v1.1.1 - Bug Fixes

  • Fixes payment sheet dismissal

v1.1.0 - Payment Updates

Premium Only

  • Payment Notes, add confirmation number, etc to each payment


  • UI & Layout Updates, iPhone tab bar layout and tightening the interface throughout
  • Notification badge fixes
  • Text editing enhancements
  • Skip payments, mark payments as skipped but schedule for next pay date
  • Bills overview dates for better context (Avg. Monthly, Due this Week, etc.)
  • Bills archive instead of delete, archived view coming later
  • Paying a bill that does not repeat auto-archives now

GitHub Milestone

v1.0.0 - Initial Release

🎉 Initial Release